Teamcenter Product Cost Management

Teamcenter product costing

For manufacturing companies, the most important consideration after product innovation and quality is how costs will affect their ability to compete in the global marketplace. Developing detailed cost knowledge and maximum transparency across the entire value chain is indispensable for achieving excellent product cost management.

Integrated tool costing. The combination of Teamcenter product costing with Teamcenter tool costing shows the interaction between components and tool costs at different volumes, and makes tool designs reliable and transparent. The tool costs within the integrated solution are considered holistically through the product bill-of-materials and the product/project program. Changes to tool costs can be automatically updated on the product and project level. Teamcenter product costing provides you with the opportunity to optimize product costs to maximize margins, profits and return-on-investment. You get reliable cost estimates and transparency to achieve target costs, optimal procurement prices and profitable sale prices.