The Cortona3D RapidAuthor suite helps solve these issues by directly accessing data from CAD/PLM and making it available for downstream use  across all documentary requirements from 2D to fully interactive 3D content:

 Savings of up to 80% by re-using existing engineering and BOM data

  • Simultaneous production of product design and product documentation enabled by Engineering-change linked documents
  • Drastically reduced rework/re-illustration
  • Lightweight 3D data for easier deployment to web portal
  • Compliance with industry standards such as ATA and S1000D
  • Full support for iPad deployment enables you to support next generation demand for technical publications such as in-cockpit information


RapidDeveloper is a complementary product to Cortona3D’s RapidAuthor tools. It enables RapidAuthor users to customise the data import process and the output format for RapidAuthor projects. RapidDeveloper consists of two products; RapidConfiguration and RapidSpecification.


This tool facilitates the analysis of source CAD data for controlling and customizing the data import settings. RapidConfiguration allows loading sample 3D data and contains user-friendly wizards for choosing the required settings.