Application benefits

Increased Plant Productivity

  • Program information is available at all levels of the enterprise – from executive to plant floor personnel.
  • Achieve smaller launch windows, increased plant capacity and material cost control through comprehensive visibility into quality issues.
  • Reduce capital investment costs via commonization and reuse.

Single Source for Alignment and Accountability

  • Assembly and manufacturability validation provides accelerated feedback to design and process teams.
  • BOM/BOP configuration and management reduces planning errors by ensuring all components of a product are accounted for and aligned.
  • In-context collaboration and communication operate globally within the supply chain networks by coordinating workflow processes ensuring timing is maintained.
  • In-context collaboration and communication of workflow processes ensures that timing is extended throughout the global supply chain.

Optimize Performance & Leverage “Best Practice” processes

  • Reduce process development time up to 40% by identifying and applying best-in-class processes with master process and operation templates.
  • Achieve 20-to-80% reuse of certified manufacturing processes within the first year.
  • Significantly reduce and even eliminate production disruptions caused by manufacturing shop floor issues, by balancing processes for optimum value added content.
  • Optimized manufacturing lines through virtual commissioning to reduce time-to-volume by up to 80%